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Insurance Fraud Program 2016 Annual Report

RICHMOND, Va. — The Virginia State
Police Insurance Fraud Program (IFP) today released its 2016 Annual Report,
which details the efforts made in the fight against insurance fraud in the Commonwealth.


fraud occurs when someone makes money or attempts to make money from insurance
transactions through deception, lying, cheating or stealing for profit.


were 1,513 notices of suspected insurance fraud in Virginia in 2016, and $9.8
million worth of fraudulent claims were attempted. Fraudulent claims collected
surpassed $21.7 million, up from about $21.2 million in 2015.


“It’s not just the insurance company that’s
affected,” said First Sgt. Steve Hall, IFP coordinator. “Consumers ultimately
pick up the tab for insurance fraud losses.”


It’s estimated that families pay as much as
$1,000 per year in increased insurance premiums and other goods and services as
a result of insurance fraud.


“Monetary losses are only part of the
problem,” Hall said. “Schemes like staged accidents can put people at risk of
injury or worse. Insurance fraud isn’t a victimless crime.”


the full
Insurance Fraud Program 2016 Annual Report at


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Since its inception in 1999, the
Virginia State Police Insurance Fraud Program has been teaching citizens how to
identify insurance fraud and training law enforcement how to prevent it. If you
have information regarding suspected insurance fraud,

call 1-877-62FRAUD or visit StampOutFraud.com