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2024 Fraud Fighter Award Winners Announced

RICHMOND, VA – The Virginia State Police (VSP) Insurance Fraud Program (IFP) presented awards to three individuals in recognition of their efforts to fight insurance fraud in the Commonwealth. The awards were presented by First Sergeant Peter Lazear, Virginia State Police Insurance Fraud Program Coordinator, on April 3, 2024, during the Virginia Chapter of the International Association of Special Investigation Units (VAIASIU) annual conference held in Richmond, Virginia.

Ronald Graves, Jr., Senior Investigator with Virginia Bureau of Insurance and Thomas Kingry, US Postal Inspector were recognized for their collective work in uncovering an insurance fraud scheme worth an estimated 1.2 million dollars. Through their hard work and determination, it was proven the writing agent had been falsifying information and listing himself as the main beneficiary. The insurance agent ultimately surrendered his license voluntarily.

The next award was presented to Jason Trent, Senior Special Agent, Virginia Department of State Police, for his hand in charging and convicting a tow company for fraudulent billing. Tow companies are notorious for insurance fraud. Because of Jason’s commitment to detail and thorough investigation, he was able to successfully charge and convict a suspected fraudster.

Virginia IASIU also recognized several fraud fighters. William Woolf, NICB and Juan Rodriguez, Virginia Bureau of Insurance were named Life Members. The Outstanding Public Service Award was presented to Lieutenant David Beckner, Virginia State Police, and the Covington Award was presented to Michael Nacy, Virginia Bureau of Insurance. “Insurance fraud is not a victimless crime. It places a heavy financial burden on us all,” says First Sergeant Lazear. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that insurance fraud costs Americans nearly $309 billion annually—and these costs do not stop with insurers. “False claims against insurance companies ultimately mean increased premiums for every Virginian.”