2022 Fraud Fighters Awards Presented

The Virginia State Police Insurance Fraud Program presented this year’s Fraud Fighters Awards to five honorees on March 23, 2022.

Get an Insider’s View of Insurance Fraud

Get an insider’s view of insurance fraud – what it is, how to identify it and how to prevent it – by listening to this informative interview with Virginia State Police Senior Special Agent William Royall. 

Don’t be the next victim of fraud.

Learn how to protect yourself from becoming a victim of insurance fraud.

You can help identify and report fraud

Learn what to look for to identify insurance fraud and report suspicious activity.

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Your tips could earn you up to $25,000

If you suspect that someone has committed an act of insurance fraud, the time to act is now. By submitting a confidential tip, your information could help prevent insurance fraud, and tips leading to arrests are eligible for rewards of up to $25,000.

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About Us

The Virginia State Police Insurance Fraud Program (IFP) was established in 1999. The IFP works to Stamp Out Fraud by providing training to law enforcement and teaching citizens how to identify and report insurance fraud. Insurance fraud is any act committed with the intent to obtain benefits or advantages where they are not entitled, usually through a sum of money. Insurance fraud costs American consumers more than $80 billion dollars each year. Three common categories of insurance fraud are property fraud, casualty fraud and workers’ compensation fraud. The Stamp Out Fraud program asks citizens who have information regarding acts of insurance fraud to file a report via our online form. Tips leading to arrests are eligible for rewards of up to $25,000. To view fraud legislation, training presentations or to download educational materials, please visit our resources section.