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Insurance fraud is a crime, and the Virginia State Police Insurance Fraud Program is working to stamp it out. Here’s how you can help:

  • Be aware of staged accidents, such as intentional sideswiping or cars that cut in front of other vehicles, forcing collisions due to quick stops.
  • Be aware of individuals that try to get you to leave the scene of an accident without calling police or obtaining a police report.
  • Be aware of individuals that claim no previous injuries or continue unnecessary medical treatment which inflates medical benefits.
  • Be aware of fraud rings that specialize in "slip and fall" schemes with fake injuries and faked claims.
  • Be aware of individuals reporting fake burglary or theft claims.
  • Be aware that some individuals report damage as vandalism in an attempt to cover deliberate or previous damage to one’s own property.
  • Be aware of individuals making a false stolen vehicle claim to cover previous damage to a vehicle or to dispose of the vehicle.
  • Be aware of individuals that fake an on-the-job injury or stay off work after healing to collect Workers’ Compensation benefits.
  • Be aware of the possibility that someone may set a small fire in their home to obtain a new paint or remodeling job.
  • Be aware that individuals may change a genuine claim to inflate the loss to recover past premiums.
  • Be aware of individuals that inflate genuine claims to cover a policy deductible.
  • Be aware of attempts to convince you that "everybody is getting rich" so you may as well try to get additional money also.
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